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West Ridge has consistently chosen to operate our business with the health and well-being of our employees and visitors at the forefront of each decision.

Therefore, in our continued efforts to pursue being socially responsible for our Employees as well as potential Visitors to our business, we continue to follow the necessary County & State mandated protocols concerning automobile dealerships thereby carrying on in our effort to do our part in hopefully slowing the spread of COVID-19.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office hours will remain under the revised schedule:

Monday – Friday from 10 am – 5:00 pm We will be closed on Saturday until further notice.

The Sales Office lobby will only be open for Sales Appointments and Deliveries following our continued compliance and accordance with COVID-19 mandates.

Visitors will be directed to the entrance of the lobby at the right side of the building wherein there are dedicated sales offices for signups with limited interaction of personnel observing social distancing at all times.

**Sales appointments and questions will be managed on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis through telephone, or online media messaging portals via our website www.westridgeauto.com or Facebook Messenger, as received. **

We request that potential customers please utilize the ONLINE APPLICATION SECTION of our website if interested in purchasing a vehicle before they visit our location.

Essential personnel will continue to assist current customers with their accounts via telephone or other electronic media; thereby being on hand to handle phone payments as well other essential business operations.

We will continue to be diligent in following the prescribed protocols in regard to social distancing and sanitizing our work environment and vehicles.

And, as before, we encourage you to please be mindful of the advised precautions, thinking not only of yourself but also of those who may be at the end of the spectrum of who you come in contact with in your everyday walk-in life and the possible long-reaching effect that it may have. We can get through this, we just ALL need to do our part.

Take care and be diligent for yourself and those around you!
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